Africa6..beach, mimi 002My daughter Sunyata Choyce has always been passionate about animals, spending years volunteering at The Eastern Shore Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre in Nova Scotia, raising raccoons, feeding baby birds, and doing PR work for the centre. In the winter of 2004 she went to South Africa to fulfill her childhood dream of working with primates.
The owners of this “Monkey Land” took one look this striking young blond girl and said she would be giving tours to the tourists, not caring for the primates as she was promised. Exit Sunyata. Alone, on the bus in South Africa, she met a young woman from Germany who was volunteering at an orphanage. Sunyata joined Anke, and together they created Project Colors assisting 55 AIDS Orphans. The children had very little and needed help.
Most of these children had seen their parents and family members die from AIDS. Anke and Sunyata decided to get these kids all the help they could. In one month they received $7,000 in donations from friends, relatives and strangers who heard about what they were doing. The children of the home soon got the needed clothes, school supplies, basic health care attention, day trips and of course toys they longed for. With the extra funds Sunyata and Anke created a multi-purpose room at the orphanage complete with sofas, music, play area plus a craft and book corner. Care packages were also created for in a near by AIDS hospice and for street kids in Cape Town. When Sunyata came back to Canada, she kept up her volunteer with Project Colors. She was able to send resource materials to 15 developing countries with over 25 Nova Scotians also doing similar international work. She also conducted a volunteer project in the Dominican Republic. It just goes to show how much one young person can do in the world. Contact Volunteer Canada for more information.