E-card Campaign


  • In a loved one’s name, sponsor a category you would like to donate towards & download your printable e-card.
  • There is a suggested amount, however, the more funds collected, the more acts of kindness we can spread around the globe because of you

The Gift of Imagination! $30

Creative Kids

Help a child’s imaginations to expand through creativity & education.
Some of the kids we encounter have never even held a crayon. We will deliver packages of crayons, markers, paper & coloring books to children in South Africa & Dominican Republic.

Project Big Smiles $40

Help us create more BIG smiles.
Help us provide toothbrushes to children all around the world.
Be apart of a magic when a child receives their 1st toothbrush.
Our kids are so overjoyed to receive a toothbrush they often dance around with it like a magic wand until we show them how to properly brush.
Put a big smile on a child’s face today & sponsor a school to receive a box of toothbrushes & toothpaste.

Covid Care Kits $30

This gift allows us to continue delivering hygiene supplies, masks, soaps & sanitizers to our pre-schools in South Africa all year long.
Our volunteers assess each children’s aid project & see first hand who needs what most. Having access to these important, on-going aid supplies helps prevent diseases & sickness so each school can be a happier & healthier place for the kiddos.

Toddler Hand Washing Stations $40

Happy Healthy Hands

How can kids wash their hands with no water! No soap!
In a loved one’s name, this card buys a hand washing station
for a small pre-school in South Africa.
Project COLORS volunteers hand deliver these aid supplies to small pre-schools with no water.
This gift is a valuable lifeline keeping the children healthy & happy.

Tiny Tummies ~ Feed a School $30

Immune Boosting Program for Toddlers in South Africa

Give South African toddlers critical, immune-boosting nutrition in a loved one’s name today.
Our volunteers are ready to deliver your gift. The more sponsorships gifted, the more kids we can add into this extremely important daily feeding program.

How many sponsorships would you like 😊

Global First Aid Kits $30

In a loved one’s name, this card helps us buy 1st aid kits for orphanages & schools all over the globe. Project COLORS volunteers deliver these 1st aid supplies to child care & educational centres.
Your gift could go to help children in South Africa, Dominican, Haiti or Sri Lanka! These kits are often valuable lifelines in communities, keeping children healthy & happy.

Global Emergency Sponsorship Gift $100

Emergencies happen! And when they do, this gift turns aid into action.
Emergency medicine – New roofing for a school – Flooding – Covid relief.
Help us ensure that so many critical acts of kindness & urgent aid continue when you buy this card.

Sri Lankan Girls – Help Send the Girls to School $50

Sponsor a girl to go to school in a loved one’s name.
This card helps send the girls of Herman’s Girls Home in Sri Lanka to go to school. Once the girls are old enough to leave the care home, it is imperative that they have the chance to build their skills, learn English and even go to college. This fund enables these life changing opportunities, to help break the poverty cycle.

Kitty Care & Puppy Love $30

Help our Furry Friends Around the Globe

Because you bought this card, a furry friend in need will be given lifesaving help. Food, vaccinations, medical treatment, rehoming & sterilization are possible for these street animals through volunteers & partner animal loving projects in South Africa, Dominican Republic & Sri Lanka. We can’t thank these volunteers enough for dedicating their lives to help these beautiful creatures.

Send donations to:
83 Leslie Rd,
East Lawrencetown
Nova Scotia, B2Z 1P8