International Volunteer Program

“The volunteers program is currently full. Thank you for your interest”

International Volunteer Program 2013


Greetings potential volunteers,

Volunteering is what you make of it! All Project COLORS volunteers act as “agents of change” assisting small grassroots projects, strengthening the disadvantaged, providing basic education, and organizing wellness- based activities for the children and youth. We love our volunteers to share their skills & enjoy their experience
working with the community.

Every day is often different to the next, with new people and projects, so there is never a dull moment. The information below is very important to ensure a happy and safe volunteer experience. COLORS has had over 40 volunteers, youth mentors &
interns. We look forward to having YOU join us.

Application: To apply please email us a cover letter and resume explaining why you would like to volunteer, any skills you have, what you may like to teach, past experience and the dates you would like to come.

Email to:

A COLORS volunteer is:

  • Creative, easy going, flexible, open to learning new things, non judgmental, capable of writing and editing documents, someone who LOVES kids and making a difference in the world!
  • Culturally sensitive, and possess the ability to react appropriately in difficult situations and comfortable making ethical judgment calls when needed.
  • Between the ages of 18- 29 with an international driver’s license and comfortable driving a standard transmission car.
  • A team player who is also motivated to take initiative and work independently.
  • Having basic first aid and/or possessing medical experience an asset.

Project COLORS International is not responsible for volunteer’s personal expenses. Volunteers must financially support themselves. Such costs include and are not limited to; flights to and from South Africa, accommodations, vaccinations, food and personal necessities, and other monthly living expenses.

Unlike other NGO’s, COLORS does NOT charge a sign up or admin fee for volunteers, however, volunteers DO rent a self-catering accommodation in a clean and safe environment for a minimal cost. (Personal expenses) More info below. You will be living close to a beautiful beach, and we have a swimming pool.

We also hope volunteers take some time off to travel. Please sit down with the director after your arrival to discuss travel breaks and the calendar schedule. There are many beautiful areas close by, so don’t miss out!

Core Duties of Volunteer Position:

  • You will most likely be helping several days a week in small, family-run preschools, soup kitchens & teen centers.
  • You may also be helping with new project assessments in the townships, aide distribution, community projects, renovations, picking up supplies, gardening and participating in emergency projects (ex. street dog rescues, rehabbing small animals, hospital runs).
  • You may lead projects in the mosaic arts, recycles’, knitting, jewelry making ,painting etc…
  • You can help collect supplies or conduct creative training for children and adults in anything ranging from crafts to health and hygiene.
  • You will help organize our distribution area as supplies need to be sorted.
  • You will help upkeep our first aid kits, nutrition, dental & education
  • As you will be living on the PROJECT COLORS base, you will be in charge of making sure the grounds are safe and tidy, especially before and after group activities. Volunteers must keep an eye on all children that come on site to ensure safety.
  • During the warmer months you will be assisting with swimming programs 2-3 times a week. You will coordinate swimming schedules and transportation with local preschools and groups for young children. Children MUST wear flotation devices at all times.
  • You may be in charge of creating donation letters and distributing them to companies and stores here in SA that may give “in-kind” donations to COLORS to help with our projects. You can also help with funding applications, newsletters
    & presentations. Let us know if you are good at websites or videos.
  • If you want to give/assist a project more or help an individual, please sit down with the director and make a project plan as there are many ways for you to help. Ex. Sponsorships, tool kit boxes, renovations, garden supplies, school fees.

Apartment agreement
What is in the volunteer’s apartment:

  • A triple bunk bed (you may or may not have a roommate)
  • Sheets, towels, pillows
  • Small cooking plate with two grills, microwave oven
  • Pot, pan, glasses, plates, kettle, toaster, cutlery…
  • A small fridge
  • Bathroom, shower room, two sinks
  • TV and DVD player (optional)
  • Cell phone (optional)

If you are accepted as a volunteer and agree to this document, please secure your accommodation booking by putting a
down payment of $400 US for your 1st month’s rent (3 to 5 weeks lodging depending on agreement).This payment of
$400 is non refundable as we need to feel assured of your arrival as we will be turning down other applicants.

  • Rent is $400/month and is due on the 1st of each and every month
  • Volunteers must lock up and set up the alarm when absent.
  • Volunteers must leave the apartment clean, tidy, and ready for the next volunteers.
  • Volunteers must clean apartment at least one a week, especially shower, kitchen and toilet. Please respect each other’s space and coordinate cleaning
  • Never leave anything valuable in plain sight in your room. COLORS is not responsible for theft.
  • Volunteers must pay for any lost keys or damage to the security system(100Rand each item).

Other Stuff
Where will I buy food and groceries? There are small shops a 5-10 minute walk from the house for small items, as well
as a small café/take away. Always bring money with you when ever you go out and please think ahead on needed items.

Communal meals – We love to have communal meals once a week with our volunteers if they choose to. Everyone
should contribute something .

Do I need immunizations? We recommend that you get your Twin Rex, hepatitis and tetanus vaccinations, plus have all
your childhood shots. If you choose to travel outside South Africa after your volunteer stay you should maybe think about
getting your yellow fever shot and malaria pills. For more information contact your doctor or
nearest travel clinic.

Should I purchase travel insurance? We highly recommend that you have travel insurance.
Accidents are unpredictable and it is best to be prepared.

Doctors? COLORS uses a nice lady doctor, Dr. Vos, who was trained in Canada and lives a
10 minute drive away. She is available to us on off hours too, but this does incur a cost of
about $30.
Dr. Vos Office # 0448770514 Emergency Dr. cell #0798891269

What kind of clothes should I bring? Pants should be loose and comfortable, skirts and shorts tank tops and t-shirts are
all fine. Sandals, sneakers, bathing suit, towel. Nights are cold so bring a sweater or a jacket. Also remember to bring a
hat, sunglasses, mosquito repellent, hand sanitizer and suntan lotion! Our winter is from June to September, and it can be
quite chilly those months.

Will I need a Visa? Most people can come into South Africa on a tourist visa which gives you
3 months here for free. Please check with your travel agent as this depends on what country you
are coming from.

What if I want to stay longer then 3 months? Many of our volunteers have extended their
stay working with us. If you want to stay longer once your here, we can try and find a way to
work it out if the space is available. Some volunteers have found personal sponsorships for
longer stays while finishing pending projects.

If you are selected after sending your cover letter and resume, your placement will only be confirmed when your
1st months rental is paid, securing your placement.

All of our volunteers are part of the Project COLORS family and we are excited for you to join us. The kids here love our
volunteers and always look forward to their time with you. Be assured that this will be an incredible and rewarding
experience. Not only will you be spending your time on practical and necessary projects, but you will also be learning so
much from the Xhosa, Zulu, Afrikaans, and international communities here in South Africa.

THANK YOU FOR THINKING OF US! We look forward to meeting you soon!

Send donations to:
83 Leslie Rd,
East Lawrencetown
Nova Scotia, B2Z 1P8