Mentorship / Sponsored Youth

Eden Campus Youth:

picApr14“I just want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to be part of Project Colors. I really appreciate this a lot. I really love working with those special group of boys, they made a huge difference in my life. They taught me to appreciate what I have and not to take what I have for granted.
I miss them so much and is looking forward to see the whole group again.” ~ Alexis -Plumpy Nut ( Nutty Buddy).
“Wow that was an amazing experience for me. Having to make a new healthy kids product from peanut butter was fun. Plus I just love Peanut Butter but don’t we all? I am so over flown with emotions now I feel like crying!!!!

Being part of the community outreach projects filled my heart with joy and happiness. Project COLORS made such an impact on my life you will have no idea.
Thank you again….Peace out”    ~ Rodwill

Tafa (Zimbabway)

sponsor1I had experienced poverty when I was growing up, however, Thembalethu is beyond my imagination. Poverty is real. Whenever I closed my eyes and focus a little bit the pictures of the people who need help is haunting. I can see Grandpa right now, Annie’s children and old aged at her house and the dead puppy besides the road. I simply pour my heart to them. My YMDC project is coming soon. I had listenened to the Antony Robbins life management skills , thanx for introducing him to me. I had also inspired by his speeches and Yale University materials. The philosophy practical is also helpful to me. plis dont underestimate it I am now number 1 fan of all the above. Greet everyone who knows me. I will send you my next moves. Thanx Sunny, you rock and I am now rolling. much much LOVE Papapsy Tafadzwa Dube Nov 24th 2011

Carmelle (Congo, Age 17)

sponsor2Carmelle is a young lady who came to us from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, she was a natural when it came to looking after the children at Violet’s daycare and although shy and quiet at first her intelligence and caring nature shone through. She is also good a sports and a pleasure to be around. She is using the resources provided to her by Project COLORS & a Refugee NGO in Cape Town to help rebuild her life after having to flee the Congo. We wish her every possible happiness and strength for her journey.

Chanique (age 18, South Africa)

sponsor3Chanique (aka niki) is from the community of Hornlee. She was part of COLORS mentorship program, spending several weeks with us. She never finished school and came to COLORS to learn how she could better help her community and herself. She excelled in helping the kids in the pre-schools and went on to help other pre-schools and a soup kitchen in her own town. She was given a took kit from COLORS with all the supplies she needed to teach toddlers basic crafts and games.

Verna (Age 18, South Africa)

sponsor4COLORS got to know Verna when she was 9 years old. She was living at St, Marys children’s home in George South Africa. Verna has proved herself to be an exceptional student and volunteer over the years. She has helped COLORS with our street dog program and also assisted in various colors camps for the children’s home. She is now one of COLORS sponsored youth enrolled in a Trinity Collage performing arts program here in George thanks to our sponsors in Verna’s educational foster family support team.

Elton (Age 19, South Africa)

sponsor5COLORS has known Elton since he was 10 years old living at St. Mary’s Children’s Home here in South Africa. Elton was a natural leader and always helped the other children around him. He was class top boy in school and motivated to take any positive opportunity that came his way. COLORS sponsored Elton to go into heath care training. He is now driving ambulances up and down the garden route helping people as he also helps himself and his new little family.

Elzetta (Zette) and Lizanne

sponsor6These girls came to COLORS through Auntie Annies foster home in Hornlee. They not only completed COLORS mentorship program but came back several times to help as volunteers. They learned new skills creating mosaics and teaching children. They were a joy to have and were awarded with tool kits to keep their mosaic works going. After creating new CVs and leaving with COLORS achievement certificates and reference letters they both now have employment back home in there communities.


sponsor7Felisha also came to us from Auntie Annies Foster home . She was a motivated well educated teen with dreams of being a Nurse. She went through COLORS mentorship program and gained much respect and creditability. Because of her volunteership with COLORS we were able to arrange for her to go to Canada through Canada World Youth and the Volunteer Centre in Cape town. She has now returned from her experience abroad and upgrading so she can attend nursing school once a sponsor is found.


sponsor8Tian lived with COLORS twice as he was an honored guest of COLORS hailing from Annies foster home. He suffers from fetal Alcohol syndrome and had TB as a baby. COLORS mentorship and volunteer youth took responsibility for Tian helping him with motor activity and teaching him to swim . He helped out at the community projects and cared for a small recued puppy (itchy)during his stay. He is now helped by zuni who helps colors with Tians therapy each week.

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