stories1 Supporting a small business
Dedicated to Hugh & Marge (Nanna) Shankland
A gift of a knitting machine, is making a big difference to one dedicated Zulu lady who can now make her dreams come true.stories2

An old knitting machine…what to do with this?” Nanna asks me one evening; “do you think you can find a good home for it?” Nanna is in her 80’s . She is moving from her long time home in George to Cape Town, but wishes that some of her things can go to making a differen
ce in peoples lives here in South Africa. “Sure” I said “we love finding good homes for special donations”
Honestly, I was not sure at the time where we would find a home for this big heavy Knitting machine, but I had a feeling that the answer would eventually fall on my lap, as it usually does.
I mentioned this story to our neighbor Watson who also runs a centre here in Kleinkrantz. He said… “I know, I know….Its’ fortunate!”
“It’s fortunate?” I said….. “yes, yes…a lady, she travels for 2 hours every Saturday hitchhiking to sell her knitted hats and scarves, she is desperate for a knitting machine so she can make shirts and jackets, …..her name is Fortunate”