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Sponsorships Needed – Teaching the Teachers 2016-2017

Early childhood education diplomas for our pre-school teachers!

Every year Project COLORS volunteers make it a mission to find personal sponsors to cover the early childhood education training tuition fees of the pre-school teachers we work with in South Africa.

We now need to find people to sponsor these hard working women.

teacher2Many of the pre-school teachers we work with do not even have their basic elementary schooling; however, these women are a vital resource in their communities taking in and caring for the toddlers in an extremely impoverished area called Thembalatu, South Africa. Sponsorships are greatly needed to heighten the level of education of the teachers regarding nutrition, basic hygiene, running a pre-school, lesson plans and how to teach small children basic skills. This educational benefit is then passed on to the children; as we have seen the pre-schools thrive and grow thanks to this program.

For these teachers, getting their early childhood development diplomas is a huge milestone, something they are proud of and respected for in their community. Getting their diplomas in early childhood development is an essential part of these teachers moving forward in their careers and possibly attaining government support and funding for their pre-schools in the future.

Sponsorship: $500 Dollars/350 Euro a year

Goal: To find sponsors for all of our teachers!
4 are enrolled this year and 2 new teachers wish to attend next year. This is a 3 year course, however, many of our teachers only have one or two years left.

They need your support to finish their diplomas.

Featured teachers in need of sponsorship

Sponsorships needed Immediately

Nosiphiwo Tawuzeni - Age 26

Nosiphiwo is in her 2nd year going into her 3rd for 2017.

She volunteered teaching for Alice’s pre-school in Thembalathu, South Africa. She is very good with children and loves to work in her community. She hopes to have her own pre-school some day and getting her diploma will help move her life forward and hopefully achieve this in the near future.

*Sponsorship needed over two years.

Khayakazi Sweetness Ndlambe - Age 27

This is Khayakazi’s 2nd year.

Next year (2017) she will be finished. She works at Bulelwa’s pre-school.

She works well with the children teaching them lessons songs and games. She always has a big smile on her face and happy to lend a hand.

*Sponsorship needed over two years.

Monica Bester - Age 39

Monica wants to open her own crèche. To make this dream a reality she sees this diploma as a pivotal stepping stone.

This is her last year in the training. Monica is going into her 3rd year studies for 2016.

She paid part of her the 1st year of her studies but could not finish as she did not have enough money to pay the last term as she lost her job as the creche closed. She is a single mom and wants to complete her studies and was sponsored for one year by COLORS. She worked for Sheila creshe before it closed.

*Sponsorship needed for one year

Sponsorships needed for 2017

Phumla Cynthia Ngqezu - Age 42

Phumla has finished her 1st year and has two more years ahead of her. She had to take this year off due to illness. She works for Bulelwa’s crèche and has worked with children her whole life.

She really wants to finish her studies and will register again next year if a sponsor is found.

*Sponsorship needed over two years.

Portia Nomamise Mbekisa - Age 30

Portia has been working and volunteering at Alice’s preschool over that last year. She is good with the kids and laughs a lot as she says they learn best when they are having fun and making a mess.
Unfortunately she did not get to go to college this year as we did not have a sponsor to cover her fees.

*Sponsorship needed over three years.

*SPONSOR FOUND* Bulelwa Mnkungi - Age 39

Bulelwa is the founder of Lubabalo crèche.

She will graduate this year, 2016!

Bulelwa has set up her small preschool in her home in the newer area of Silver Town Thembalatu, behind where Project COLORS original pre-school projects started. She has taken in 50 kids, toddlers and babies. That area is growing and growing and there are no structured childcare for the small children. The other nearby informal child care home is full to capacity at Alice’s crèche. Bulelwa is very excited to be sponsored to take on her early childhood studies so she can learn how to better teach and care for the children. Project COLORS provides e’pap to her small pre-school, feeding 50 children a day.

Teachers who have been sponsored through our sponsorships:


  • Sandisiwe Kwana
  • Sheila Yoliswa Klaastew
  • Namzuko Alice

Please let us know if you can sponsor any of our teachers so we can ensure their ongoing education.

Sponsorship: $500 Dollars/350 Euro a year/5000 Rand

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