How it works – E-Transfer and Cheques

  • By clicking any of the gift links on the right, you can easily print or email your selected gift right now.
  • Personalize it for your loved one and use your printer options to choose gift certificate or card size.
  • Please send your Interact E-Transfer donation to: info@projectcolors.com

When you email us your password, please ensure to include which sponsorship’s you have chosen.

Please send your questions, e-transfer ordering information & security question answers to: info@projectcolors.com

Please send cheques to:
Project COLORS International
83 Leslie Rd,
East Lawrencetown
Nova Scotia
B2Z 1P8

Thank you so very much!

Send donations to:
83 Leslie Rd,
East Lawrencetown
Nova Scotia, B2Z 1P8