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Africa Margo July 2008 458Project COLORS is a small non-profit aid organization committed to uplifting children, families, animals & communities around the globe. We operate by maximizing the reach of your goodwill and donations—no frills, no fluff & no unnecessary organizational overhead, thanks to our dedicated team of volunteers.

What We Do
Project COLORS embraces a holistic approach to international aid and development; supporting community-based grassroots projects, plus directly leading capacity building efforts to enhance sustainability. We believe that all of us have the power to enable positive change. And whether it’s a big or small act of kindness – a nutritional feeding program in a small African community, delivering lifesaving 1st aid kits to pre-schools and children’s homes globally, rescuing a small puppy, teaching youth how to start their own NGO or coordinating training workshops for single mothers – it’s an effort worth undertaking. We design our projects to ‘fill in the gap’, addressing what’s truly needed in each individual situation, while working in partnership with those who really need us. Overall, COLORS strives to inspire all people to become ‘agents of change’ in their own communities as well as internationally.

Our Projects
Taking a holistic and practical approach to development: Project COLORS has help guide and grow small community based projects in Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, South Africa, Madagascar & Sri Lanka towards sustainability and prosperity. They have also provided aid supplies through traveling volunteers to over 100 countries and assistance projects in the last 10 years.

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Project COLORS International
83 Leslie Rd, East Lawrencetown,
Nova Scotia, B2Z 1P8, Canada