Youth Empowerment, Skill Building & Community Enrichment

Youth Empowerment, Skill Building & Community Enrichment

Project COLORS undertakes a variety of projects designed to enrich the community, and empower women and youth through skill building and other educational endeavours. At a glance, these projects and endeavours include:

  • Education fund for underprivileged youth
  • Workshops for income generating skills
  • Renovations and supplies
  • Community gardens
  • International workshops and mentorship programs

Skill Building Workshops

Many women within the communities where Project COLORS operates are motivated and willing to become involved and see positive change, though many do not have the requisite skills. COLORS offers workshops to women, focused on income generating skills, such as bead work, jewellery making, and sewing.
Workshops and classes are also focused on skills development pertinent to teachers, teachers training, and nutrition classes.

Agents of Change & Launching Our Lives Workshops

Assisting youth in social and professional development; opportunities encouraging youth to make a difference in their own countries and abroad 

Agents of Change is an interactive, action driven, program tailored for youth to learn about skill building, mentorship, and about creating their own community projects and how to be an Agent of Change within their own community.
They must put in volunteer time to create their own community projects both in theory and in practice.

Education Fund

Because of your donations, a COLORS’ sponsored child is completing her first year at an amazing, UK accredited, Drama & Music Academy in South Africa – International Trinity Guildhall.

“Without your help I would not have this bursary allowing me to go to college, as I grew up in a foster home and I do not have a family that can help me…I won’t let my circumstances stand in my way. I promise to not let you and other donors down.”

Verna Maerman

Send donations to:
83 Leslie Rd,
East Lawrencetown
Nova Scotia, B2Z 1P8