media12 Jackie and her husband Hernando run a private children’s home in Santa Domingo. They have over 40 children, a few of which have physical disabilities which require wheel chairs. Currently, six of the children are infants. The children’s home is in a typical cement Dominican house, with a small yard.Recently they have encountered a crisis, because the water supply to the home has developed into a trickle, and it will require several weeks or longer before the problem is fixed.

To make matters worse, the children have had an infestation of head lice. They must purchase truck loads of water for $60 dollars a week, plus the $40 a month they normally have to pay for clean drinking water. And the shampoo to get rid of the lice is very expensive. To try and combat the lice, many of the children have had to get their hair cut very short, which was traumatic for Claudia and Maria Lisa, who had lovely long hair. Jackie tries very hard to make the girls still feel pretty by constantly telling them how beautiful they are.

This home relies on donations from churches, NGO’s and individuals to operate. They are always short of funds due to many incoming children, but they do the best they can with what they’ve got. Project COLORS has pledged to buy the necessary water and shampoo. Its founder, Sunyata Choyce is back in Santa
Domingo working on a women’s project for the UN. She volunteered at the children’s home two years ago, for several months. She k
nows how dedicated Jackie and Hernando are, and how great the need is for these children.

media13In the Dominican Republic children need a birth certificate, and they must be in good physical condition, to go to school. School fees are really high for such a poor country. Many of the children at the home are therefore unable to get an education. Sunyata has found a Canadian woman, Charlene, who will teach the
children daily. Since Charlene is a single mom living D.R, she cannot afford to do it for free, but really wants to help the children. Therefore steady funds are being collected to help with a monthly stipend for this essential work.

COLORS believes that education is extremely important.

Without education, there is little hope for these children to live happy lives.