Organization: Project COLORS International

sunnyLocation: Halifax, NS; South Africa; Swaziland

On November 14, East Lawrencetown resident Sunyata Choyce received the inaugural Nova Scotia Red Cross Young Humanitarian Award for her work helping children in need through Project COLORS International: a Nova Scotian based non-profit she started in 2004 while working with AIDS orphans in South Africa.

In honor of this award, COLORS is launching a new series of aid projects in Southern Africa that will begin January 25, 2008. Sunyata Choyce and other volunteers will be on the ground in Southern Africa conducting projects:

  • Aiding vulnerable children & AIDS orphans through the distribution of essentials such as: School supplies, dental
    supplies basic medical aid & food.
  • Bringing water wells & pumps to villages & care pointsthat need them.
  • Conducting educational programs about sanitation & safedrinking water.
  • Educational workshops & children’s activities.


Project COLORS International is a youth led organization that conducts direct and effective hands-on initiatives, aimed at combating local poverty and malnutrition, as well as projects emphasizing the importance of basic health, education and sanitation throughout communities and children’s homes in the developing world.

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