Food Security

While Project COLORS is involved in a number of countries, our focus on food security has largely centred around South African townships with children suffering from malnutrition – a major underlying cause of death in children in South Africa. Children within our area of operations are denied even the most basic forms of food and nutrition, drastically reducing their health, and with it, their life expectancy. ‘Tiny Tummies’ has been our response project to the widespread cases of malnourished children within our area.


According to UNICEF, 64% of deaths of children under the age of 5 in South Africa can be traced to
malnutrition. Malnutrition deteriorates the immune system, and increases the risk of developing youth contracting detrimental diseases.


Violet is a preschool teacher and soup kitchen creator in South Africa. COLORS has provided her with a new stove to help
her feed her community. Violet’s soup kitchen feeds over 50 people in the community – many of whom need food to help with the digestion of their TB and HIV medications, which can have a variety of side effects.


The e’Pap mixture is rich in zinc, iron, protein, in addition to other essential vitamins and minerals, making it
beneficial for a strong immune system, and for proper growth and development of the mind and body.
e’Pap is a similar formula to the one used by Doctors Without Borders (MSF) and Unicef.

Tiny Tummies

Tiny Tummies is dedicated to improving the nutrition and overall health of toddlers and youth in South Africa. We operate in areas most deeply effected by tuberculosis – which is why a healthy immune system is vital. The project is dedicated to ensuring malnourished children receive the essential vitamins and immune boosting nutrients, so they are able to effectively learn and grow. We use a nutritional food supplement – called e’Pap – within local childcare outlets.

“Malnutrition is a big problem here. It’s amazing to see the difference that just a few weeks of it (e’Pap) made.”

Jesse, volunteer

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