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“I appreciate you because you help heal us”

When a child in a foreign country tells you this, it is not something you easily forget. Here in Mexico, I work at a small kids project in the jungle. Often I bring a big 1st aid kit with me and see to the kids wounds, burns, abysses, dog bits …and yes bugs and...

When a Mess Becomes a Message

How do you react when something terrible happens to you? A few months ago, a lovely young woman named Zetty, who lives in Knysna South Africa was walking with a friend in her township. Suddenly, a truck backed into her, running over both her legs. Zetty was one of...

How to get your donations directly to the kiddies!

Do you want to help? Project COLORS is a small non-profit aid organization committed to uplifting children, families, animals & communities around the globe. We operate by maximizing the reach of your goodwill and donations—no frills, no fluff & no unnecessary...

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