Workshop and Consultancy

Workshops are tailored to youth aged 15-25

This interactive youth leadership workshop is designed as a launching pad to encourage youth to make a difference in their schools, work, communities…. and in their lives. First, we inspire them to realise that young people just like them globally have made a huge difference in their own communities. Then we show them how to use creativity to develop their own projects that can help humanity, animals or the environment. Youth will learn the basics on how to create their own non-profit organisation and how to positively become a part of one which already exists. Participants will learn essential leadership skills that will assist them in all aspects of their life. This workshop is facilitated by Young Humanitarian Red Cross award recipient Sunyata Angelina Burrell Choyce, who is also the Founding Director of Project COLORS International.

“One person really can make a difference in the world if they are willing to take the courageous leap of putting ideas into action. Prepare yourself now with the tools you need to create your dreams and turn plans and thoughts into reality” Sunyata Choyce

This practical workshop uses real life situations to highlight how youth around the world have made their once “idealistic” project ideas become a reality. For example, Sunyata’s own NGO, Project COLORS International, was created when she was only 23. She shows how small acts of kindness and a passion for helping others became an international charity which has been assisting women and children in South Africa, abused children in Dominican Republic (DR), poor school children in Madagascar, street dogs in the DR and South Africa, and refugees living in Canada.
This motivational and proactive workshop will challenge youth to create their own projects, turn their ideas into reality and give them the extra push they need to believe that one person can make a difference – no matter how great or small.


“My name is Elzetta Rademeye. I’d like to thank COLORS, for giving me this opportunity to experience the when’s and why’s in life. This opportunity was all I needed to give me the push in the right direction. I got a chance to see what you can make in life; if you just want to. It inspires me in a deep way, I see things in another angle now. I know now that what you wants in life, you can achieve it by staying positive.”

Elzetta Rademeye (South Africa, age 20)

“This workshop taught me that I can do anything with determination. I don’t need to go through all kinds of official channels and bureaucratic procedures to achieve my goals. I’m so inspired by the way you have persevered through endless hardship, always putting others before yourself. You’ve really helped people in a concrete way and have cut through all the intellectual politics and ego that prevent real change from happening. I’m inspired by you and following your vibrant example on my path to help others.”

Dahlia Colman (Canada, Age 19)

“It was really important to have that connecting to find that motivation to keep going positively in my life. I have to make offerings too because if you want to achieve in life then one needs to help others. I learn this from you.”

Elton Witboii (South Africa, age 21)

For testimonials from Project COLORS volunteer youth, South Africa mentorship youth and others touch COLORS please click here.


If you have an idea you would like to develop, Sunyata is available to assist through personal one-on-one 1 – 1 ½ hour sessions discussing your project planning, goal setting, mission, and strategies regarding your local or global aid or assistance project.
Consultancy is available in person, by SKYPE or phone.

Please email a maximum of 2 pages outlining your ideas and expectations before the session as to give time for appropriate research for professional feed back. Additional consultancy times and fees can be tailored to the client’s needs upon request.

PAYING IT FORWARD: This consultancy service is provided for free to select struggling projects in developing countries. This is subsidised by the consultancy program listed above. For every consultancy fee colle

Biography of facilitator

Sunyata Angelina Burrell Choyce

Sunyata Choyce, Project Colors International

Sunyata is the Founding Director of COLORS International (Children’s Overseas Learning Opportunities & Resources), a non-profit organisation that coordinates international children’s aid projects. COLORS’ mandate is to provide direct & practical assistance to children in need, with the hope of inspiring youth, women & children to strive to make positive changes in the world.

Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada, Sunyata attended Glasgow University in Scotland, the University of Cork in Ireland and Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, receiving a degree in International Development Studies. She is also trained in International Wildlife Rehabilitation and Teaching English as a Second language. In 2010, she obtained a Yale University Certificate in Advanced Health Care Management, cum laude, in Cape Town, South Africa.

Between developing project plans with COLORS and tackling important community issues, Sunyata takes pride in conducting workshops and youth mentorship activities. In the past she has worked for the United Nations in Dominican Republic, held various Canadian government placements, and has received awards from CHDHS in Human Rights and Relations, the Red Cross Young Humanitarian Award, Nova Scotia’s Chronicle Herald’s top 20 in their 20s making a difference, chosen as a ‘Global Heroes’ for Heroes and Life boats Canada, and nominated for the Globe & Mail Transformational Canadians and the Prime Minister of Canada’s Volunteer Social Innovator Award.

To see the RED CROSS’s promotional video for Sunyata highlighting the beginning of her international endeavors click here.

Workshop fees in Rands and US dollars

Workshop: Become an agent of change -Inspiring youth to make a difference in the world
Ideal for schools and youth groups

40min – 2 h workshop
Minimum youth 10-40
South Africa based: R500
Canada based: $200
Abroad excluding travel & accommodation $500

Workshop: Become an agent of change -Inspiring youth to make a difference in the world
Ideal for camps or youth conferences

Full day workshop (or 2 ½ day sessions)
Minimum youth 10-40
South Africa: R2000
Canada based: $1000
Abroad excluding travel & accommodation $2000

Consultancy – Creating your own project
1 – 1 ½ hour session
$200 per session

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