“The fact that you still persist and carry on your important work even when everything goes wrong…is a skill many people do not have…..your doing the work that many of us dream about…thank you for letting me feel like my dreams are alive through you” Karen Taylor

“You are working with some very special kids – and you and the other volunteers are doing a very good thing to make the world a better place in a real way. I’m very happy to be involved in my small way. Lots of people think about making a difference, and lots talk about it. You are doing it. Keep up the great work.” Jason Todd @Affinity

“I’m so glad my contribution to Colors is helping — I feel nothing but good about the work Sunyata and her friends are doing, and I think it’s about the most worthwhile thing I ever heard of. Brilliant work — I’m proud to be helping with it.” NEIL Peart (Drummer for RUSH) “”You’re our voice,we can’t get the attention of people in North America the way that you can. You can tell the stories for us..” Jackie, Director of Jackie’s Children’s Home in Dominican

“COLORS taught me to get off my butt and stop talking about doing stuff,,,but start doinganything to try and make a difference in my own way” Katimavik Youth

“…. Should I say Sister Teresa, as COLORS has done so much in such a little bit of time. Where are you going next and please keep me informed as you are one little dynamo. The kids will miss you terribly. Please keep in touch “ Murdock and Connie

“Thank you for your inspirational presentation about the children in Africa. My granddaughter had to do a project on a caring organization the other day and she chose COLORS. May God surround you with His love and keep you safe always.” Eileen Humphrey

“Thanks so much for welcoming me to Santa Domingo and your project connections. I am really glad I went even though I only spent one day at the orphanage it was worth it. You have really motivated me to start a project even a small one for now. I would like to collect bedding and towels etc. for the Haitian Refugee camp as that’s what they need. I would also like to start a bigger project in Lascola Rada to have communal toilets put in they have a well but need the piping and work to complete this. The land is readily donated. As you know being a social activist it is impossible for me to be in such a country and not involve myself in some kind of positive intervention. Give yourself a pat on the back girl, you are doing some great work. You should be receiving DANGER PAY!!!! With all the experiences you have had their. lol …..Keep in touch and say hello to Jackie and Charlene and take good care of yourself !!! .” Sharon Ann

“Project Colors is a wonderful initiative. Thanks so much for providing our organization with school supplies for our Swaziland partners. The pre-school teacher was delighted to receive the supplies, until our arrival she had absolutely no supplies. Through your support, the children now have materials to learn the basics before entering primary school. THANK YOU!!” Services and programs for HIV/AIDS prevention Moncton

“ We all have faith in you…never change…you get things done when others just talk..go girl” Angie

“Thanks for getting in touch, actually we had a great time with the kids and we totally forgot about all the many problems they have. You guys are doing a great job and I personally appreciate it. It takes some one’s heart to support kids in need, I always say, it is a calling” Francis Sikaonga, United Nations UNSECOORD

….Again you amaze me that you are not only looking out for the children but also caring for animals with all that you have on your plate. There is no question that you should be in humanitarian work because you are so committed to helping others and making a difference in the world .Bravo.” Murdock and Connie.

“You are certainly making an impact where you are. Good for you! Love, Juliet
“I am so proud of you that you’re doing all of this for those sweet, deprived kids! Every little amount of love and affection will touch them forever. I bet their smiles are priceless! they’ll never forget you.” Jen Jaxson “Its such an awsome site to visit once in awhile! The stories are wonderful, I hope you keep on doing what your good at and helping other people and countries that are in need” Melissa

“I just read your article in the paper today . I’m a huge fan of what your doing and I want to know how i can get involved. Thanks sooo much and I’m so proud of you for what your doing..! “ Nicole Eddy

“We were very, very touched by the package of thank you cards and pictures created by the children that you sent to us. Keep up the great work and as we continue to grow, we will keep you and the children in our thoughts and prayers. It truly is our hope to be able to continue to donate as we accumulate funds to do so! Blessings” Sue and Stan Tait

“I love this website! Im very proud or the people that help out this project together, we need more organizations like this..! :)” Nicol

“My name is Charlene Marcinkoski, Through a coincidental meeting of Sunyata Choyce approximately 3 years ago, we have since become great friends and excellent work companions. We have accomplished numerous projects together in the Dominican Republic and I look forward to continuing the great work that Sunyata started in the Dominican 4 years ago. Sunyata and I had the opportunity to both live in Santo Domingo at the same time last year in which many things were accomplished with the help of donors through Project Colors International” Charlene Marcinkoski

“Hope things are working out better with the doctors, dentists, directors, and missionaries-sounds kaotic, but you’re battling it well. There needs to be more sunny’s around doing this. Actually, you’re doing more than enough for one sunny!” Jennifer Jackson

“..…It sounds like an exciting venture! I watched your segment on Breakfast Television this morning and it was really well done. You did a great job! Good luck with your trip to the DR.
If there is anything I can do, please let me know!” .” Ruthann Richardson, UNICEF

“Sounds like COLORS is really making a difference to these kids – I’ can’t imagine being where you’re at right now…. I’m really proud of you! Maybe the monkey thing in Africa wasn’t meant to work out – think of how much more you’re giving to the world…can’t wait to hear the stories from you first hand and see the photos – what you’re doing is really inspiring….. I dropped off $60 from Mom, Dad, and I to your dad yesterday – I know you’ll make it make a difference….” Becky, “Rebecca Jeppesen”

“…. I think its great that there are more kids at the orphanage because in my mind, Jackie’s Home was the best, but with more kids comes many more problems as your experiencing, cutting the hair is a good idea. im sure if it gets to that point everyone will just be bald, including the dogs and that will be that. Hopefully it wont come to that though with the new lice project helping. it breaks my heart to think i cant be there to help. i miss the kids terribly. .. “ Caroline Swan (past volunteer)

“I just saw the write up in the newspaper and I wanted to write and say Congratulations on all your achievements. I always knew you’d go on to do things like this and make a difference in the world.
Last I heard of you, you were trying to go to Sri Lanka, and now I find out you’ve been to South Africa and now you’re in Dom Rep, doing what you’ve
always loved to do….pretty good for someone from Cole Harbor high..hahaa
I can’t express how happy I am for you and how amazing and awe inspiring it is to see and read about all the things you’ve accomplished. I’m totally
envious of course . I always spoke of how I’d love to travel all over the world helping underdeveloped areas or working with the UN.
Well I was so happy to have seen you in the paper to have read about you, just made me want to contact ya and say Hi.!” Adam M.

Send donations to:
83 Leslie Rd,
East Lawrencetown
Nova Scotia, B2Z 1P8