Fortunate Knitting – How one gift made a business dream come true

Supporting a small business Dedicated to Hugh & Marge (Nanna) Shankland A gift of a knitting machine, is making a big difference to one dedicated Zulu lady who can now make her dreams come true. An old knitting machine…what to do with this?” Nanna asks me one...

Volunteers Room Finished & Furnished!

Nanna (Marge) & Hugh also donated furniture and items to COLORS .We especially want to highlight an amazing donation of a triple layer bunk bed for our new volunteers room. “Thank you again for everything from COLORS”

Dear Uncle Bernard,

You believed in the small things, and it was those small things that truly mattered the most. The day you took us all to your Heralds bay home for ice cream, will be itched into our memories forever. It was not just the ice cream that made that day sweet, but how you...

Send donations to:
83 Leslie Rd,
East Lawrencetown
Nova Scotia, B2Z 1P8