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Project COLORS International

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Project COLORS is a small non-profit aid society committed to uplifting children, families, animals & communities around the globe.

What We Do

We design our projects to help ‘fill in the gaps’, building the capacity of existing projects, addressing what’s truly needed while working in partnership with those who really need us. By creating opportunities, training’s and sponsorship’s, Project COLORS strives to inspire all people to become positive ‘Agents of Change’. As a non-profit aid society we embrace a holistic approach to international aid and development; supporting community-based grassroots projects.

Our Projects

Project COLORS has helped guide and grow small community based projects in Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, South Africa, Madagascar & Sri Lanka towards sustainability for over 10 years. Whether it’s a big or small project– a nutritional feeding program in a small African community, delivering lifesaving 1st aid kits to pre-schools, providing shoes for children’s homes, sending kids to school, teaching youth how to start their own non-profit aid society or coordinating skills training workshops for single mothers – we believe it’s an effort worth undertaking.

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When a Mess Becomes a Message

How do you react when something terrible happens to you? […]

Our Projects

Project COLORS is involved in a variety of projects committed to improving the live of children, in a variety of countries.

Project Colors, a Non-profit Aid Society creating opportunities.

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